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The Trend of Amino-Acid Gain is Consistent with a Doublet Code

[ Vol. 7 , Issue. 3 ]


Raphael Finkel and Heinz Kohler   Pages 209 - 211 ( 3 )


The present-day genetic code, while universal, is not the result of a “frozen accident”, but has evolved over time. Analysis of amino-acid frequency has recently identified amino acids that were recruited early and late into the genetic code. We use this observation to lend support to a hypothesis that the current quaternary triplet genetic code comes from an earlier quaternary doublet code, and before that from a binary singlet code.


Evolution, genetic code, binary code, code capture, triplet, codons, aminoacids, Amino-acid gain, Doublet Code, Amino acid frequency, Frozen accident, Quaternary triplet genetic, Triplet code, Nucleotides, Hypothetical primordial, Jordan's gainers, Singlet genetic code, Triplet slots, Hydrophathy character, TAL-type III, Doublet codons


Department of Computer Science, University of Kentucky, USA.

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